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Milwaukee EAB Insect & Disease Control Wisconsin Tree Services

Chlorosis - yellowing - on a Wisconsin OakBuckley Tree Service Wisconsin is the leader in innovative plant treatment programs for Milwaukee and Madison areas. We provide quality tree disease control and tree insect control, including helping you protect against the invasive Emerald Ash Borer Wisconsin natives struggle with. Buckley Tree Service certified Wisconsin arborists are trained to recognize harmful tree diseases and tree pest infestations before they cause any life threatening damage. At Buckley Tree Service, our highly certified Milwaukee arborists are dedicated to solving and preventing Wisconsin tree problems to produce strong, healthy trees.

Insect and Emerald Ash Borer Wisconsin Tree Services

Insects, including EAB, Silver Maple Beetles, Japanese Beetles and Gypsy Moths can cause harmful damage to the leaves, stems, branches and roots of your Milwaukee trees; however not all insects are harmful. Buckley Tree Service Madison tree care experts are trained to identify harmful insects from beneficial insects in order to take the necessary steps for proper tree insect control.

Drought Damaged NorwayMaple

Wisconsin Trees Protected from Disease by Milwaukee Tree Service

Many tree diseases are caused by environmental stress, such as drought, temperature extremes, and air pollution. Buckley Tree Care specialists will create a personal health care program for your Wisconsin trees to prevent any harmful or life threatening damage caused by common tree diseases.

Don’t wait until tree disease is distinctly detectable. Once the untrained eye notices tree damage, it is usually too late to treat and Milwaukee tree removal becomes the only tree care option. Control the fate of your trees by choosing Buckley Tree Service, the experts in Wisconsin tree disease control. We can quickly solve and prevent Milwaukee and Madison tree problems. To ensure a long, healthy life for your Wisconsin trees, call Buckley Tree Service in New Berlin at 262-547-4732 or call our Mequon location at 262-242-2040 and get started on your individual plant treatment program.

Milwaukee Emerald Ash Borer Update

The Emerald Ash Borer has been making its mark throughout our beautiful state. This detrimental creature was officially reported in the city of Milwaukee last July, and has shown no signs of stopping in its path of destruction. If you have an ash tree, please call Buckley Tree Services today! The Wisconsin EAB infestation is not something to take lightly. The more trees we can treat and attempt to save before corruption, the better. Keep checking back for more updates on Emerald Ash Borer in Wisconsin.

New Berlin and Mequon Tree Treatment Services

If you suspect your tree may be suffering from harmful insects or tree disease, don’t hesitate to call Buckley Tree Services. Our New Berlin and Mequon tree care specialists are dedicated to keeping your trees alive and well. The longer you wait to call us for a tree care evaluation or consultation, the higher the risk of New Berlin or Mequon tree removal services being necessary. Don’t let your trees suffer, call the Buckley Tree Services' Mequon location at 262-242-2040 or call the Buckley Tree Services' New Berlin branch at 262-547-4732.

Choose Buckley Tree Service for plant treatment programs to prevent harmful tree disease and complete insect control in Milwaukee, Mequon, New Berlin, and throughout Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin Tree Insect Pest Facts

Emerald Ash Borer Beetle Facts

 Emerald Ash Borer 
  • Affects all true ash trees (not mountain ash).
  • Causes health decline and eventually death.
  • We recommend treatment of high value trees.
  • Emerald Ash Borer prevention treatment options include soil insecticide treatments, trunk sprays and trunk injections.
  • Treatments need to be performed on an annual basis.

Japanese Beetle Facts

 Japanese Beetle 
  • Affects a wide range of plants, especially linden, birch, flowering crabs and many other Wisconsin shrubs.
  • Beetles fly in from surrounding areas and feed on the leaves, resulting in a “skeletonized” trail appearance.
  • Affected plants become unsightly and stressed.
  • Foliar sprays can reduce populations, but follow-up inspections and treatments may be necessary.
  • Soil insecticide treatments have been effective at reducing damage.

Gypsy Moth Facts

Gypsy Moth
  • Caterpillars eat leaves of a wide variety of Wisconsin trees and shrubs including oaks, lindens, birch and flowering crabs.
  • High populations can cause defoliation. Repeated defoliation can weaken and kill trees.
  • Caterpillars can be controlled with foliar sprays. The treatment is more effective if done early in the caterpillar’s growth.

Buckley Tree Service is highly experienced in treating and preventing all types of insect tree infestations and diseases. We offer a variety of solutions to protect and treat your Wisconsin trees and shrubs from invasive corruption. 

Contact our Milwaukee tree service experts today for professional insect and disease control tree services in Wisconsin.