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Buckley "THE TREE CARE SPECIALISTS" is Wisconsin's First TCIA-Accredited Tree Care Company

Winter Tree Care in Wisconsin

Wisconsin tree care by skilled arborists protect your trees through winter for maximum growth in the spring

Winter in Wisconsin is hard on trees. For best protection, begin in fall with our Winterizing Trees with Fall Tree Care in Wisconsin tips.

During winter, ice, heavy snow, drastic temperature fluctuations and freezing ground and air temperatures affect trees every day. This is why winter tree care is important. Residential trees are more exposed to all these natural hazards since they are not surrounded by many other trees and plants. There are simple winter tree care steps you can take to help your trees survive winter in Wisconsin.


Pruning trees in winter has many benefits and along with late fall tree pruning, winter tree pruning is the best time of year to prune your trees.  One advantage when pruning trees in winter is that there is no foliage cover so it is easy to see any damage and areas that need special attention.  Winter tree pruning is a protective step for your trees since the smaller, weaker and more brittle branches that are more likely to break from heavy snow or ice are removed and the remaining stronger branches can handle the weight better without breakage.


Trees can suffer from drought in winter as well as summer.  This can happen when trees lose more water than they can absorb from frozen ground.  Tree roots continue to grow until the ground freezes so continue to water your trees until the ground freezes.  Rock salt makes it even more difficult for trees to absorb water, so it is a good idea to use sand instead of salt for the  protection of your trees.


Winterizing trees with the addition of a fresh layer of mulch in late fall or early winter will have numerous benefits for your trees.  The mulch will act as a temperature buffer to protect tree roots and reduce the stress of repeated thawing and freezing, and mulch will also slow moisture loss.  Do not place mulch directly up to the tree trunk but leave a small space between the tree trunk and the edge of the mulch.  This will prevent small rodents from burrowing too close to your tree and gnawing at the bark. 


Winter storms and heavy snow are hard on all trees.  A dead or diseased tree is more susceptible to breakage from wind, snow or ice which can in turn damage other foliage and surrounding structures.  When trees need to be removed, winter is an excellent time to have them removed by the specialists at Buckley Tree Service.  Since the ground is frozen and hard, equipment can be situated closer to the trees.  Damage to the surrounding ground, plants and lawns is minimized because the heavy equipment cannot sink in.  If removal of a dead or diseased tree is part of your winter tree care needs, choose Buckley Tree Service Wisconsin.


Heavy snow can be a stress on tree limbs.  Our Buckley Tree Service specialists recommend that you always brush snow off of tree limbs gently and never shake branches or try to knock snow off branches by hitting the tree.  Shaking or hitting can break branches made brittle by ice, freezing air and snow, and this is exactly what you are trying to protect against by removing snow from the branches.


As part of winter tree care, make sure to remove cords holding games, laundry lines and tree light cords from trees each season and replace them only when needed again.  If cords are left wrapped around branches or trunks, they can girdle the tree by cutting in to the bark and creating suffocation of wood tissues.  This is especially important on younger trees that are still growing in height and girth.  When the bark is suffocated it causes more stress on the entire tree to try to recover and heal.

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Contact our Wisconsin tree care professionals at Buckley Tree Service for a consultation preparing your trees for winter and ensuring they flourish next spring.

Milwaukee Tree Service

Wisconsin Arborist Buckley Tree Service

Our Milwaukee arborists will treat your trees as our own and would like to welcome your trees and shrubs into the Buckley Family Tree. The roots of Buckley Tree Service starts with certified Wisconsin arborists and branches off into pure commitment and dedication, leaving nothing but completely satisfied tree service clients. Buckley Tree Service is the Wisconsin tree care specialist. We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of your Milwaukee trees.


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Wisconsin Tree Service

Buckley Tree Service Wisconsin is not a Milwaukee landscape or lawn care company, but rather a local health care provider for your trees and shrubs. Buckley Tree Service continues to grow as a leader in innovative Wisconsin plant treatment programs. Buckley's Milwaukee arborists focus on overall plant health in order to create a personalized plant health care program for your trees and shrubs. The core objective of Buckley's Wisconsin plant health care is geared toward ensuring long, healthy plant life for you to enjoy for many years to come. During your Milwaukee tree care consultation our professional Milwaukee arborists will diagnose your specific Wisconsin plant health care problems and discuss any pre and post Milwaukee tree service concerns. Once Buckley Tree Service Wisconsin is contracted to service your trees, our professional Milwaukee arborists accept them into the growing Buckley Tree family. At Buckley Tree Service in Milwaukee, we know our plants, and are proud to treat your trees and shrubs as our own.

Milwaukee Arborist and Wisconsin Tree Services

Call Buckley Tree Services in Mequon or New Berlin at 262-547-4732 for a Wisconsin winter tree care consultation. Our professional Milwaukee tree care specialists will evaluate your trees and landscaping bushes to ensure proper health and optimal appearance. Your trees can be lively and well year round – Let us help. Whether you need Milwaukee tree removal services, Brookfield tree pruning or Milwaukee tree cutting, Buckley is your Milwaukee arborist.

Contact our Wisconsin tree service specialists today for more information on all of our Wisconsin tree care services.

Wisconsin Tree Service Certifications and Accreditations

Certified ISA arborists logoISA Exam-certified Milwaukee arborists are available to diagnose plant health care problems and discuss pre- and post-construction concerns. Utilize our expertise, and have us implement a personalized Wisconsin Plant Health Care program for your trees and shrubs.
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Tree Care Industry Associations Accreditated for Ethics, confidence, quality TCIA logoUpon acceptance into membership, TCIA requests that members abide by the Arborist Pledge and the TCIA Code of Ethics in word, action, and within the spirit of integrity, which is at the core of these principles.
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Wisconsin Tree Services from Professional Milwaukee Arborists

Buckley Tree Service Wisconsin is the FIRST Wisconsin tree company accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Where other Wisconsin tree care companies wilt and wither, Buckley Tree Service flourishes. Staffing ISA certified Milwaukee arborists and tree care safety professionals, Buckley Tree Service provides what other Milwaukee tree services can’t, certified, skilled and professional Milwaukee tree care services in Wisconsin.

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More than just highly skilled, the certified Wisconsin arborists at Buckley Tree are educators, striving to teach our clients about their specific trees and the care they require. Our ISA certified Milwaukee arborists offer expert Wisconsin tree care services and advice in order to assist you with every aspect of your specific Wisconsin tree care. Buckley Tree Service in Milwaukee goes above and beyond to fulfill our mission of providing you with the best Wisconsin tree care possible.

Tree Removal in Milwaukee

Tree Service Locations in Wisconsin

Buckley Tree Service branches off in two Wisconsin locations to better serve our tree care clients. With a Mequon and a New Berlin tree care service branch, Buckley Tree is able to provide quick and efficient Wisconsin tree care services throughout the Milwaukee metro area. Buckley Tree Service is the largest Milwaukee tree care provider and holds a well established tree care client list throughout the area. Our two locations allow us to provide immediate response for our clients when Wisconsin emergency tree care services are needed.

Milwaukee Arborists Deliver Quality Wisconsin Tree Care

With certified Milwaukee arborists on staff, outstanding customer service, and true dedication to overall Wisconsin plant health care, Buckley Tree Service is clearly the first choice for quality tree care services in Wisconsin. Don’t go out on a limb looking for just any Milwaukee tree service company. At Buckley Tree, we are Wisconsin’s tree care specialists, committed to providing our valued tree care clients with the best Wisconsin tree care available. Let your trees and shrubs bloom into the Buckley Family Tree.

For New Berlin tree care call 262-547-4732. For Mequon tree service call 262-242-2040. Get the best Wisconsin tree care service today!

Professional Arborists Prepare Your Trees for Success This Winter

If you haven’t already, fertilize your trees before winter fully sets in, hardening the ground. Tree fertilization will keep your trees healthy so they last longer and look better. Do it before the Wisconsin winter hits and give your trees a head start in growth next spring.

When you hire Buckley Tree Service to fertilize your trees, expect top results in growth. Our arborists will give your flora the utmost care and attention. We protect the trees from over-fertilization and remove diseased or dead branches to ensure the optimal health of the tree.

Buckley Tree offers these services across Southeast Wisconsin. It doesn’t matter if you live north of Milwaukee in the Cedarburg/Grafton area, west in West Allis, Brookfield or even Madison, or south by the Wisconsin–Illinois border; we’ve got you covered.

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If a tree has already died and you want it gone before the ground freezes over, our tree removal service will pull it out quickly and efficiently. The same goes for stump removal. So prepare your trees for next spring with the best tree care in the Milwaukee area. Contact Buckley Tree Service today.

From Madison tree pruning to Milwaukee tree removal, contact Buckley Tree Wisconsin tree care services today for all your professional tree care needs.