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Spring Tree Buds

Spring Tree Care & Preparation in Wisconsin

4 Tips to help your trees emerge from dormancy 1. Trim & Prune before Budding Early spring is the perfect time for tree and shrub pruning in Wisconsin. Trimming dead or unwanted branches now will help you guide and shape the growth of new branches. While a late winter/early spring ...
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Winter Trees Featured Photo

Protect Your Trees through Long Wisconsin Winter

Wisconsin winters are notorious for bitterly cold temperatures, ice, snow build up and wind. These factors combine, making winter a stressful time for your plants. Luckily there are a few steps you can take to prevent lasting damage to your trees from Wisconsin’s winter cold. 3 tips to help protect ...
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Mulched Front Yard Closeup

5 Reasons To Mulch Your Yard

Mulch — Any material used to cover soil for the purpose of enrichment. So you have been told to put mulch down in your yard. We have put together a little crash course to help you better understand the benefits of mulch. #1: It Makes Your Yard Look Better Mulch ...
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