Gathered Leaves Typography

Pine Trees With Snow Cover Photo

Consider Yourself Lucky If You Have Pine Trees

Wisconsin is fortunate enough to have a large population of pine trees. Indigenous to the Northern Hemisphere, pine trees are evergreens, able to grow year round. Although they don’t drop their leaves and hibernate like other trees do, pine trees continually drop and grow pine needles. Pine needles stay for ...
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Figure1 HealthyOak

Oak Chlorosis

Chlorosis is a common micronutrient deficiency that causes the leaves of trees to become yellow and in severe cases causes the foliage to brown and die. In southern and eastern Wisconsin, it typically affects white oaks, pin oaks, white pine, red maple and birch. Chlorosis is caused by either a ...
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WhyPrune OvergrownMaple

Why Prune Young Trees?

Pruning young trees is often overlooked in favor of addressing larger problems on more mature trees. Though pruning mature trees to remove deadwood and manage risk is important, often these goals could have been accomplished by pruning during infancy. Benefits of Pruning Young Trees: Trees that are properly pruned while ...
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pruning techniques

Training Day: Pruning Techniques

Thank you Mike Wendt, professor of Arborculture at MATC for leading our Pruning Techniques training this summer in Muskego. We are committed to constant improvement of all our employees in all aspects of the tree care profession. Pruning will help the aesthetic look and health of the plant. Pruning also ...
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Employee Appreciation Brewer Game

Celebrating our employees at the Brewer game. Go Brewers!

We recently celebrated our employees by attending a Brewer game against the San Diego Padres! Go Brewers! 
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NewPest Viburnum Damage

New Pest Alert

Viburnum Leaf Beetle (VLB) VLB only affects viburnums and most commonly arrowwood viburnums. VLB is a fairly new pest to southeastern Wisconsin. VLB feed on the green tissue between the veins of the plants, causing them to skeletonize. This is similar to damage caused by Japanese beetles. VLB begin to ...
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Boxwood Winter Burn 2

Winter Burn

Winter burn is a common problem noticed on conifers in Wisconsin that are exposed to extreme winter conditions. It is most commonly seen on plants grown in open, unprotected areas. It can also be seen on deciduous trees if there is a very sudden cold snap when the trees have ...
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EAB D Shaped Exit

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has become a very destructive pest to ash trees throughout Wisconsin. It kills all native species of ash trees by feeding on the tissues under the bark, causing disruption to the flow of nutrients and water throughout the tree. Treating ash trees with a trunk injection ...
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Company Training Lift

Annual Training Day

One of our Certified Arborist’s demonstrating how to remove an EAB infested ash with our Spider Lift. An Arborist removes the top of this spruce tree while another Arborist tends the rigging line to control the fall of the top of the tree. “The Tree Care Specialists” held our annual ...
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Autumn Blaze Maple Stem Girdling Roots

Root Zone Excavation of Stem Girdling Roots

Stem girdling roots (SGR) can be a major issue to trees in the urban setting. SGR can greatly stunt the growth of or even kill a tree by reducing the flow of water and other nutrients to the upper canopy of the tree. Above is a maple tree that had ...
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